Disney Junior is an evil show by hyponitizing people, it was made in 2011, it was only for 2-8 yrs old. It was meant to be called Junior of Disney, which was a stupid name. There are 2 channels that are Disney Jr., 17 and 107. Disney Jr. is only 4 hours.

List of the time from Channel 17Edit

6:00 AM: Little Einstein (TV Series)

6:30 AM: Gaspard and Lisa (TV Series)

7:00 AM: Octonauts (TV Series)

7:30 AM: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

8:00 AM: Jake and the Never Land Pirates (TV Series)

8:30 AM: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (TV Series)

9:00 AM: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (TV Series)

9:30 AM: Doc McStuffins (TV Series)

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