Littlle Einsteins is a show on Disney Jr., it's hyponitzing people and freaking kids out. There are 2 series and a total of 67 episodes. It's considered Baby Einstein for big kids, even though they say it's an okay show. One person said all of the episodes didn't even make any sense.

Series 1Edit

1. Dying in the Black Hole

Little Einsteins dye in a black hole with their ship.

2. The Creepy Music

Annie watches The Dramatic Chipmunk and goes to sleep and gets nightmares about the music.

3. Deadly Hiccups

Quincy gets hiccups and dies.

4. The Evil Whale

The evil whale, Kyogre, destroys the house.

5. Fake Treasure

The Little Einsteins get some treasure but they got pranked by the teletubbies.

6. Popping the Balloons

It's June's birthday and she pops the balloons.

7. The Pyramid Trap

Little Einsteins go inside a pyramid and get trapped for 10 years.

8. The Dramatic Dragon

Leo sees a dragon and runs away.

9. The Rocket War

Their rocket is having war with Thomas the Tank Engine.

10. Farmer Fever

Annie has a nightmare about getting lost from her new farm.

11. Halloween Special

The Little Einsteins scare everybody in the world and the people think it's lame.

12. The Scary Mission

The Little Einsteins go meet annoying orange and they think he's a monster.

13. The Mouse Vs. The Moon

The Little Einsteins see the mouse destroying the moon.

14. Little Einsteins Vs. The Baby Einstein Company

Little Einsteins battle The Baby Einstein Company and they get scared by the toys and Baby Einstein wins.

15. Christmas Special

Little Einsteins see a creepy elf.

16. The Big Einsteins

The Big Einsteins kill the Little Einsteins.

17. Jump for Yo Mom

The Little Einstein jump because their mom is here.

18. The Temple of Dark

The Little Einsteins become evil and go the The Temple of Light and change it to The Temple of Dark.

19. Oh Yeah, DINNATIME!

The Little Einsteins act like Mordecai & Rigby and make the loudest fart after eating 100 cheesburgers.

20. The Totem Pole

The Little Einsteins see a bear wrestler destroying a totem pole. Then, the totem pole destroys 3 trees and a hidden room is discovered. Note: during the end, it makes the secret sound from the Zelda series. It sounded low-pitched and slower noise maybe to make it creepier.

21. A Mysterious Surprise

The mailman brings a box to the front door and inside the box had really big mushrooms. When they open it, they eat it and they grow as tall as giants, destrying everything in the neighborhood.

22. Summer Movie Night (Part 1)

The gang watches movies until they take a break after watching scary movies. Since they were scared they saw a duck that really scared them. So they went back inside and started destroying the scary movies. After that there were only 2 movies left.

23. Summer Movie Night (Part 2)

They decided to watch the 2 last movies. Unfortunately, they were the Teletubbies so they had to see them for an hour. When their own movie program was over, they saw the Teletubbies in their backyard. The 5 said "IN YO FACE!" because they overcomed their horror movie fear.






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